Giardelli and Alonzo take home Varsity MVP and MVG

Stevie Giardelli couldn’t help himself.

As soon as he was awarded the MVP award, his emotions came out.

He thought about his family watching from the stands, all the hard work he put in during practice, and about that time he almost quit hockey in 2014.

He thought about it all.

Stevie becomes the first recipient of the MVP award after his consistently buzzing game which led to the game opening goal in the finals.

Mikey Alonzo was awarded the MVG award after his 2.00 gga which he posted in the round robin. Alonzo was a rock for Smithtown, as he gave his team the confidence to rush the puck knowing they have a reliable goaltender behind them.

Congrats to Giardelli and Alonzo!

Mike Alonzo
Stevie Giardelli


Coram, NY- heading into Sunday’s playoffs, the “B” division was anyone’s game. However, Grella and Heglund continued their tournament success and led their team to the finals victory over PatMed.

Grella, who owned a 3.00 gga in the round Robin, turned it up in the playoffs. As he is known to do, Grella came up clutch. Going 10-10 in penalty shot attempts and allowing no second chances in his finals victory.

“Who is that guy on Rocky Point!?” was the word going around All Star arena this past weekend. That player was the (at the time) unknown Sam Heglund. Heglund dominated the Alumni Series, scoring clutch goals and possessing the puck throughout games. Heglund received 4 out of 4 first place votes from the board of directors during the vote.

Congratulations Kenny and Sam!


Kenny Grella
Sam Heglund


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