Who we are .

Long Island hockey is strong . The roller game was particularly prominent in the 90s and early 2000s. Teams like the Kuzak bulldogs, Tour Dragons and Mission Snipers competed regularly in national tournaments all around the country . When they got home many swapped out those tornament jerseys for school colors and competed in the HSRHLOFLI . Without question the worst website name ever created , but the league was extremely competitive . From junior freshman to varsity , these “club” teams battled over twenty games and playoffs. Rivalries and comradely grew.

Years laters, Mike Stumpf, Sean Masem , Alex & Paul Parisi decided to put on a tournament for their fellow alumni . Starting with a draft at Patchogue’s Tap room , we had some drinks shared some memories, picked some teams, and made an event.

The tournament has gone on annually for four years now and grows each time. Though something as special as this is meant to be shared. So we do our best to do that . It’s about dusting off the skates, taping up those sticks , practicing those cellys and reuniting with friends. Divided by region , united by sport. We are the Long Island Alumni Series


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